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Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ramadan Duas For three ashras

Ramadan is composed of 30 days  in total. This holy month has been divided into 3 Ashras to make it convenient for the Fasting Muslims. But that is not all, each Ashra has significance in the month of Ramadan. “Ashra” is an arabic word for 10. So when we say an Ashra of Ramadan, we are pointing towards 10 days. There are 3 ashra’s for 30days in total.

Ramadan’s significance will be clear when we see the implication of these 3 Ashra’s.

The first Ashra (first 10 days of Ramadan) signifies the bestowments of Allah Almighty’s Mercy and Prizes he has in store for the believers and the Pious. There is a Dua’ to be recited so we can get maximum of what is being offered.

The Second Ashra (Second 10 Days of Ramadan) signifies the plead of “Astaghfaar”, translated as “Atonement” from Allah Almighty, for all the wrongdoings committed knowingly or unknowingly.

The Third Ashra (Third 10 day period of Ramadan) signifies to implore the blessing of Allah Almighty for the safety from the eternally burning fires of “Jahannum”.

Credits : Zakir Sholapur