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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ramadan 2012 Preparation : Let The Heart Submit to Allah

Don’t focus too much on doing good things while forgetting the pleasure of Allah swt. This means that you should not put too much effort into doing good things that will not essentially win over Allah’s full pleasure.

So many people get caught up in doing small deeds without even fulfilling the obligatory deeds first.

This religion was meant to be easy. Don’t overburden yourself with small, stressful deeds. Better yet, focus on getting rid of all impurities of the heart first in order to please Our Creator,then do those deeds that will earn you ajr.

Get rid of things that are displeasing to Allah swt

Submit to Allah’s commands [fards] then the Sunnah

The biggest disease of the heart: Pride

There are three types of hearts Allah swt mentions in the Quran

-The Pure Heart (Qalb ul salem): This heart is free of impurities and full of Allah’s pleasure. This heart is also filled with fear, fear for disobeying Allah, fear of whether their good deeds will be accepted, fear of the Punishment of disobedience, fear of not reaching Paradise
-The Sick Heart: This heart is stained with disease. When this heart commits a sin, it tries to justify the sin instead of regretting/hating it then repenting. Their desires overpower the pleasure of Allah swt. They let the life of this dunya deceive them. This is usually the heart of the hypocrite; the one that had knowledge but did not act upon it. This heart has both belief and hypocrisy contained in itself.
-The Dead Heart: This heart is the worst kind of heart. This heart does not believe in Allah, it rejects all His signs, and fails to recognise that Allah exists and that His signs are true.

Ramadan gives us a chance to purify our hearts, build a shield of taqwa and get rid of our desires.

Allah swt gives us Rammdan as a mercy. He locks up our biggest negative influence- shaitan. So the battle becomes between you and yourself.

This Ramadan inshaAllah we must all make an effort to change. Let’s go into Ramadan with the mentality that we will make a change. Ramdan is known as the Birth of Mercy because that is the best time to get rid of our desires and truly submit to Allah swt.

Ramadan is one package. Every good thing you do should be increased this Ramadan. Not only should you avoid eating, and drinking, but also bad habits such as backbiting and the use of profanity, etc. Insha’Allah.

Our own actions turn away Allah’s mercy.

What we need to do:

Plan an atmosphere for ourselves in order to win over Allah’s pleasure. This includes: turning off all technology, reading Quran with understanding, submitting to Allah swt, etc.
Use Ramadan to its fullest advantage. Use this time to let go of any sinful desires that you might not have been able to before.
Focus on pleasing Allah swt, and only Him. Make an effort to struggle for His sake.
We must not only nourish our body, but our hearts as well.
We need to be willing to get rid of our own desires for the sake of Allah so that He may help us acheive our goal

Remember that every moment you struggle will be proof for you on the Day of Judgment.

May Allah swt help us make use of this Ramadan and use it to our full advantage. And may we all make that change that will bring us closer to Him, and may He swt make it easier on us to let go of all our desires for His sake. Allahuma ameen


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