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Thursday, November 18, 2010


10 nullifiers of Islam (NAWAAQID-UL-ISLAM)

Following are the 10  Nawaaqid (nullifiers) which takes the Person out of Islam

1. Shirk (Associating Partners to Allah)
2. Placing Intermediary between himself and Allah 
3. Whoever does not hold the Polytheist as Disbeliever or Doubts about their disbelieve (eg;Jew,Christian,Magians,Idol worshiper,Hypocrites and  Communist )
4. Believes that some guidance other than that of the Prophet's (Sallallahu Alahi wa sallam) is more complete than his guidance.
5. Whoever hates something that the Messenger came with, even though he may act on it, has disbelieved ( Eg:prayer)
6. Whoever mocks or ridicules any part of the Messenger’s Religion or its rewards or punishments has committed an act of disbelief
7. Sorcery, which includes magic spells. Practice or seeking assistance from A fortune-teller (Kaahin),A sorcerer (Saahir),astrologer (Munajjim),An ‘arraaf (diviner)(informing a person about something lost or stolen),Abaajaad (numeric symbols of letters) and horoscopes(This is tanjeem (predicting the future based on astrology).
8. Supporting and assisting the polytheists against the Muslims
9. Whoever believes that it is permitted for some people to be free of (implementing) the Sharee’ah (revealed laws) of Muhammad (i.e. Islam)
10.Turning away from Allaah’s Religion, not learning it or implementing it (is an act of disbelief)

May Allah bless us the knowledge of Tawheed  and we ask Allaah to save and protect us from Shirk and disbelief.

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