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Monday, December 26, 2011


Mirror To check Which Block we fit in.

Attributes of a Believer (Momin)
1.Who are humble in their prayers.
2. Who turn away from Al-Laghw 
    (dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allah has forbidden).
3. Who are observant of zakah.
4.Who guard their private parts,Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed.
5.Who are to their trusts and their promises attentive.
6.Who carefully maintain their prayers.
As per Chapter 23 Surah Al Muminoon.

Atrributes of a Hypocrite (Munafiq)
1.When they stand up to prayer, they stand without earnestness
2.They Show off (Riya)
3.They do not remember Allah but little.
4.When he speaks he lies
5.When he promises he breaks his promise
6When he disputes he transgresses
7.When he makes an agreement he violates it.
8.Fajr and Isha Prayers are hard for them.
1-4 are from chapter Nisa Verse 142 and 5-7 are in hadith in Muslim and Bukhari & 8 is from Bukhari Vol 1, Bk. 11, Hadith # 626

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